SYBU для Kodi — Настройка должен быть установлен на каком-либо компьютере или устройстве в вашей сети и должен быть запущен, прежде чем вы продолжите.

На Коdi поставил следующее

Kodi (v17 Krypton, v18 Leia, v19 Matrix ) – Настройки =Стандартный

система > настройки > Управление > Web server > Разрешить удаленное управление по HTTP

система > настройки > Управление > Web server > Порт > 8080

система > настройки > Управление > Web server > Имя пользователя > kodi

система > настройки > Управление > Web server > Пароль >

система > настройки > Управление > Контроль приложения> Разрешить управление приложениями на этой системе

система > настройки > Управление > Контроль приложения> Разрешить управление приложениями на других системах

система > настройки > Общие > Zeroconf > Объявлять службы другим системам

(If this option is missing you likely have an Android box/device. Kodi v17 on Android does not have Zeroconf support (it was removed – please ask on the Kodi forum to reinstate this functionality).   This is a Kodi issue, not the remote.  The Sybu Remote will not be able to automatically discover Kodi,  please manually setup as explained in section If Sybu App does not automatically find Kodi)

Kodi on Windows 10: Zeroconf is part of  Apple Bonjour Print Services.  If you have error enabling this option, please install.  The latest for x86/64 (although old) of Bonjour for Windows can be downloaded here Download Bonjour Print Services for Windows v2.0.2

Kodi (v12 – v16) – Настройки =Стандартный

System > Settings > Services > Webserver > Allow control of Kodi via HTTP > Enabled

System > Settings >  Services > Webserver > Port  > 8080

(use 8080 or specific port advised by your technical support, For Raspberry, OpenElec or LibreElec you can use 80)

System > Settings >  Services > Webserver > Username > kodi

System > Settings >  Services > Webserver > Password>

System > Settings > Services > Remote Control > Allow remote control by programs on this system > Enabled

System > Settings > Services > Remote Control > Allow remote control by programs on other systems > Enabled

System > Settings > Services  >  Zeroconf > Announce these services to other systems via Zeroconf > Enabled


If prompted allow Kodi  through the firewall.

На SYBU для приложения Kodi

If Sybu App does not automatically find Kodi

Some Windows Desktops and some Android devices cannot automatically discover Kodi by default. Use the manual setup below. (To allow Windows to be autodiscovered by the iPhone/iPad install iTunes or read Zeroconf section below)

Kodi v17-v19: Kodi IP address: Kodi Main Menu > SYSTEM  > System Info / System Information > Summary > IP address

Kodi v12-v16: Kodi IP address: Kodi Main Menu > SYSTEM > System Info > IP address

Zeroconf – auto discovery

If you receive a warning 'Failed to start zeroconf' consider installing a Zeroconf service for your operating system. This will allow the iPhone to find the Kodi host on its name. If it is a Windows Desktop/Laptop I suggest you install iTunes. To learn more about Zeroconf, Bonjour and auto-discovery of a service for the various operating systems Zeroconf : read more here....


On Screen Navigation

Repeated scrolling – long press hold

For repeated scrolling in a direction, which may be useful for long on screen lists,  simply tap and hold direction button

Gesture based scrolling

Swipe, flick, drag scroll based gesture can initiated from anywhere on-screen except very top, very bottom,  and not on the time or volume control.

Time Adjust  – time scrubbing

For fine gain time adjustments

Scroll and Gesture Direction

To swap the scroll/gesture direction between natural and unnatural, set the preference in Info/Setup > Control > Reverse Scroll

Host Management – Delete Host

Long press hold the Host icon

FAQ and Questions


Please let us know about a problem or if you want to report a bug.

(Please consider using this before giving a low star or poor review on the App Store and we will assist.  The App Store does not allow for any response or resolution to a question or issue)

Some users have reported that app crashes on iOS 14.2 on launch, this is resolved by:

Method 1:  Uninstall and reinstall the App.

Method 2:  Set the “Offload App” in iOS settings.    General Settings > Storage > Sybu Kodi > Offload App

Love the App

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