Technology Solutions

Industrial automation application development  

Solutions that requires a multi-tier technology stack, including hardware interfaces for industrial automation.

Some of the technology solutions that we have developed

We develop our own hardware modules for industrial applications.

SYBU Smart WiFi Scale Solution is a technology solution for packing punnets, cartons, containers, tubs and crates to a minimum required weight.

It increases productivity by measuring, tracking and incentivizing packer performance

Technologies: NodeJS, C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server. Azure PAAS. CI.

Sector: Private

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Biometric Co-enrollment Prevention System

Sybu Data upgraded the Biometric Co-Enrollment Prevention System (BCEPS), developed for the South African Medical Research Council,  to utilize the latest Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) 

The system provides secure, high performance, low latency, identification and matching of participants from various organizations and research facilities.

Read more on the system in the South African Medical Journal.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, IIS, AFIS

Sector: Government

CloudBroker for Medical Insurance Brokers

Technologies: : C#, ASP.NET MVC, Bootstrap. SQL Server. Azure. Amazon Storage

Sector: Financial, Private. South Africa

Cloud Booking System for Temporary Staff

Online booking system for an employment and recruitment agency to manage daily schedules and assignment of temporary staff to clients.

Technologies: GAE (Google App Engine), GWT, JAVA, Datastore

Sector: Private, London, UK

The Fruit Sorter Management System configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such as apples, pears, plums, citrus, etc in packhouses and farms.

Technologies: : C#, ASP.NET MVC,  Delphi

Sector: Agriculture,  Private.   Global

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Sybu Data onPark

onPark is a locally developed kerbside Parking Management System by Sybu Data comprising of real-time GSM mobile devices and high availability cloud based back office management system for parking service providers and municipalities.

onPark was developed from the ground up to provide real-time results and statistics. Parking marshals can login and download their daily precinct assignments and can quickly record vehicle and parking information and print receipts. Supervisors can inspect a marshal’s parking report and upload parking inspections.  Service providers can perform operation management functions such as precinct and marshal assignment, parking tariff structures, daily cash reports with intuitive web interface. 

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, Azure,  C++ for POS handheld terminal

Sector: Government/Private – Lesotho
Feb 2016 (Decommissioned)

Concept 3D Underwater Mining Simulation

Technologies: : Unity C#,  3D,  FBX, Bathymetry

Sector: Mining, Private. South Africa

Status: Concept, Non-production

Grape Sorter

The Grape Sorter Management System configures, controls and manages the process of sorting (grading and sizing) of grapes into cartons or punnets in a packhouse.

The system groups bunches of grapes together, that meet a specified sort (size, colour and weight) criteria, and will allocate to a carton or punnet to optimal weight within a set tolerance.

Technologies: : C#, ASP.NET MVC,  Delphi

Sector: Agriculture,  Private.   

Status: End of Life and replaced by 
SYBU Smart Scale & CloudScale

Hybrid Sorter

The Hybrid Sorter configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit, using a conveyor designed for grape sorting in packhouses and farms.

Sybu Data Vessel Monitoring System for Telkom SA undersea cables

Eneo is the vessel monitoring system developed by Sybu Data. It tracks the movement of vessels in the region of undersea communication cables, such as SAT 2,3.

Installed systems for Telkom South Africa at Melkbostrand Cable Station outside Cape Town and along Kwazulu Natal coast at Mtunzini Cable station.


Sector: Government - South Africa
Status: Decommissioned.   Reference is maintained for historic purposes