Fruit Sorter

The Fruit Sorter Management System configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such as apples, pears, plums, citrus, etc in packhouses and farms.

Product Features

  • The Fruit Sorting System consists of an Fruit Automation Server and a Fruit Sorting Client Software.

  • Support up to 8 lanes, each with 64 drops and demand feed product belt

  • Classification and sorting by weight, colour, diameter, ratio and their various combinations

  • Support for 4 grades (classes) per run.

  • Support of a cuprate of 10+ cups/sec

  • Highly intuitive user interface to configure and setup new sort programs.

  • Fast and intuitive colour and diameter calibration.

  • Real-time statistical data.

  • Real-time built-in 1kHz oscilloscope for quick diagnostics.

  • Alarm subsystem for monitoring error conditions

  • Comprehensive reporting and printing

  • Software interfaces to Packhouse Production System to unify production information.

  • Hardware interfaces to Vizier Systems Cup and Roller sizers

  • The automation server of v4 and newer has been completely re-developed using Windows Embedded OS

  • The client software of v4 and newer has been completely re-developed for the Windows .NET framework and supports Windows Vista and Windows 7

Total number of SYBU Fruit Sorter installations globally 70+

Pears on conveyor

Pears being washed

Quality control at intake

Classified pears at packpoint

Final packed product