Software Engineering

Sybu Data can be contracted for the engineering, design and development of bespoke solutions.

Please refer to Services section for the specific type of development.


Sybu development methodology utilizes some aspects of Agile development and some traditional but best summarized by the following:

  • URS.  User requirement specification is required for development.
  • WBS. The work breakdown structure is determined
  • Software work units are created and assigned to resources.  On larger projects this may be preceded by a Business analysis phase.
  • Simulators.  For engineering related projects, software simulators is created where possible. Although this creates an extra development item, it helps in reducing costs in reducing off-site development/integration time, travel and subsistence.
  • UAT. User acceptance testing documentation is generated, and utilized for sign-off
  • Bug tracking, Issue, Ticketing system.  This system is used to track all software work units, and reported issues.
  • Timesheet.  On some projects time is tracked for billing purposes.
  • Version Control.   All software, documentation, installers, help files  is under version control
  • Backups. Onsite and to online servers
  • Naming conventions.  All files, software source, documentation follows specific naming convention.
  • Software release versioning.  Releases are versioned. Versions are under version control.
  • Release notes.   Software releases are accompanied  by release notes with reference back to Issue numbers tracked.
  • Milestone/ functional releases.  Software is broken down into functional milestones which are released. This allows quick client feedback for integration back into development.  It engages the end-user/client  at earliest possible time.
  • Testing. is performed in house, followed by testing at partner’s lab (where applicable) and UAT.

Browse the list of projects for the type of solutions that we have developed.


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Recent projects


Sybu JavaScript Blocker – Google Chrome Extension

Sybu JavaScript Blocker is a Google Chrome Extension to quickly block JavaScript (JS) files from being loaded by the browser. It has been designed to be easy to use. Installation Install from Google Chrome Web Store Setup After you have installed …


1 Million Apple App Store downloads

In August 2015 we reached more than 1 Million downloads from the Apple App Store. Thank you all for downloading and using our favourite and most highly rated App:  Sybu for Kodi      Share on Social Media  Follow and Like …


CloudBroker for Medical Insurance Brokers

Cloud management software for South African medical insurance brokers. Management of members and insurance policies Highly intuitive and easy to use interface. Storage of all electronic correspondence for member. Easy document attachment with media indexing helper application Dashboard view for …


BCEPS upgraded with AFIS

Sybu Data upgraded the Biometric Co-Enrollment Prevention System (BCEPS), developed for the South African Medical Research Council,  to utilize the latest Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) from Innovatrics. The system provides secure, high performance, low latency, identification and matching of …

Sybu xbmc

Sybu Remote Control for Kodi and XBMC

Please Share Description Remote control for Kodi ( or XBMC  media player and entertainment hub iPhone, iPad universal app Single screen access. Quickly navigate and control Kodi. Automatic discovery of Kodi hosts with Zeroconf  (Apple’s Bonjour service) Free with no ads Customer …


Election Map – South African Elections – Voting District Results Map

Please Share Description South Africa Elections Results Data per Voting District 2014 (when results become available), 2009, 2004 APP for iPhone and iPad Interactive Map to select voting district Search function Find a voting station with driving directions Comparative results …


Sybu Data onPark – Parking Management System

Please Share onPark is a locally developed kerbside Parking Management System by Sybu Data™ comprising of real-time GSM mobile devices and high availability cloud based back office management system for parking service providers and municipalities. onPark was developed from the …


Sybu PotRemote for PotPlayer (팟플레이어) – (iPhone / iPad Pot Player Remote)

Please Share Sybu PotRemote is an iPhone/iPad App to remote control the Daum PotPlayer ( 다음  팟플레이어 ) on Windows from the comfort of your couch. The design philosophy is a simplistic, yet functional interface. Features Some of the key features are: …


Gust Mobile Payment

Please Share Sybu Data provided the User Experience, User Interface and application flow development of Gust Pay and Gust PayPoint  ( Gust Pay is a mobile wallet for iPhone and iPod Touch. Gust PayPoint is an iPad application which lets merchants …

Sybu Worldart aug reality

Worldart by Sybu Data for iPhone and iPad

Please Share Overview Do you really desire a painting but you’re not too sure if it’s going to work in the space that you have in mind? Worldart gives art lovers the chance to see what a painting would look …

Linda Hill Recruitment - Jobs for Aesthetic and Beauty

Sybu Data Booking System

The Sybu Data Booking System was developed to be a complete cloud based booking solution. Features Cloud based service hosted on Google Servers Using Google Appengine and GWT technology Clients can create own bookings and select appropriate tempory staff based …


Sybu Remote Control for VLC – (iPhone /iPad)

Please Share Sybu Remote Control for VLC is a companion App, that let you remote control VideoLAN VLC Media Player on your Windows PC, Mac or Ubuntu desktop from the comfort of your couch. The design philosophy is a simplistic, …


Flight of the storks – StorkSeeker iPad application for TV Series

Sybu Data developed a functional iPad prop application for the use in the TV mini series Flight of the Storks  (Le Vol Des Cigognes) released in 2012/3. Application specifications Functional User Interface for use in the movie / TV Series Offline …


SuperSign – Biometric Security Application

SuperSign, our password replacement solution, developed in conjunction with SuperVision Biometric Systems, makes passwords a thing of the past. People cannot share, lose, forget or steal them. They simply sign on with a fingerprint. At the same time, SuperSign prevents …


3G Mobile Call Divert Class library

Project : 3G Mobile Call Divert Class library Description: The mobile call divert interface, allows for the divert of a mobile number to any other number and can report back on divert success.  The Class library interfaces to a 3G …

Sybu iPad Remote Control for Grape Sorter

iPhone, iPad Remote Control for Grape Sorter

Application specifications Allow Stop, Start of conveyor belt. Adjustment of conveyor belt speed. Display of speed Display of cupfill and 5hr cupfill history Information on weight sorted, total punnets and total cartons. Architecture Overview Development:  Sybu Data Hardware device: Vizier Grape Sizer Communication architecture: …


Energy Management Solution

The Energy Management Solution controls Electrical devices such as lighting and appliances by preconfigured schedule or by local or remote web-based control. The current status of each controllable device at each store can also be viewed remotely. The solution is …

Grape sorting

Grape Sorter

Please Share The Grape Sorter Management System configures, controls and manages the process of sorting (grading and sizing) of grapes into cartons or punnets in a packhouse. The system groups bunches of grapes together, that meet a specified sort (size, …


Biometric Password Reset Kiosk for Active Directory

Description The Active Directory Password Reset Kiosk allows users within a domain to securely reset or change their own login passwords through the use of biometric fingerprint authentication. Typically within enterprise organizations that utilizes one or more Domain Controllers (DC) …

Fruit Sizer Software

Fruit Sorter

Please Share The Fruit Sorter Management System configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such as apples, pears, plums, citrus, etc in packhouses and farms.     Product Features: The system features are: The Fruit …

Sybu - Event Notification System (ENS)

Event Notification System

The Event Notification System (ENS) monitors employees attendance and access and compare it with roster and shift definitions.  When time or grace periods are violated managers will be notified. Scheduled imports of shift information, employee and manager data is done …

Hybrid Sorter

Hybrid Sorter

Please Share The Hybrid Sorter configures, automates and controls the sorting (sizing, grading and classification) of fruit such using a conveyor designed for grape sorting. Product Features: The Hybrid Sorting System consists of an Automation Server and Client Software. Support …


Digital Finger Tapping Test for iPhone and iPad

Please Share   The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an analytical tool that can be used in a basic research environment to measure a person’s motor speed. The Digital Finger Tapping Test is an easy-to-use researching tool to measure motor …


Sybu Data developed Web based Co-Enrollment Database with fingerprint matching

The Co-Enrolment Database is a web-based system for managing participants in clinical trials. Multiple levels of access rights for users Biometric enrolment and identification of both users of the system and participants in clinical trials and research initiatives. Multiple sites …

Packhouse Production System

Packhouse Production System

Software to input all codes, lists, prices, costs, and associations for fruit production and packing for packhouse or farm. Network based. Multiple users. Product Features: Codes Fruit Types, Variety, Brands, Target Markets, Classes/Grades, Counts and Sizes, Inner Packing, Fruit Definitions, …