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Sybu Remote Control for Kodi and XBMC

published by Sybu Data on November 1, 2012 in iPhone iPad Apps and Projects with 4 comments


  • Remote control for XBMC (XBox Media Centre)
  • iPhone, iPad universal app
  • High resolution User Interface designed specifically for iPhone and iPad retina displays.
  • Single screen access. Quickly navigate and control XBMC.
  • Automatic discovery of XBMC hosts with Zeroconf  (Apple’s Bonjour service)
  • Free with no ads

Customer Reviews

Just some of the many ★★★★★ reviews:

  • It just works – Simple and easy to use. Best XBMC remote on the app store.
  • Super simple app, love it  – the ui is so easy to navigate…it just works
  • Great App – This app found my raspi right away and also has easy navigation.
  • Works perfectly! – The wife understands it and uses it. What more good can be said?
  • Great remote.
  • Clean, easy to use
  • Very nice interface, good job.
  • Excellent remote control app for XBMC
  • 非常好用
  • Simple à prendre en main et fonctionne contrairement à d’autres app.
  • Raspberry Xbmc and this App. Are just a Dream :)
  • Endlich kann mein raspberry pi mit raspbmc auch spulen
  • Also mehrere Apps probiert aber die hier ist mir am liebsten. Funktioniert einwandfrei und die Bedienung ist auch Super!!
  • Read more here 


XBMC Setup

Setup instructions here – also in Spanish, Russian, German.




Interface  (for iOS6)

Sybu XBMC Remote Control User Interface


The App Store™ download:






Screenshots ( iOS6)




FAQ and Questions

 FAQ and Questions



flag_germany German (Deutsch) – Danny Singrin

flag_spain Spanish (Español) – Gordon Hart

flag_catalan Catalan (Català) – bcubic

We are also looking for people to assist in translation this setup and product page into  French, Russian, Chinese  and other. If you want to participate please contact me.


Version 1.80- 13 October 2014


Version 1.70 – 16 August 2014

1) Show FanArt as background in main screen. Option can be enabled Info screen.
2) (Fix) Intermittent crash on iPad during rotation after library access.


Version 1.62 – 30 July 2014

1) Stay awake option added.
2) Movies and TV Shows. Photos of cast members added.
3) Favorites that are obsolete are no longer displayed.
4) Bugfix. Initial connection on some configurations caused a 4 second initial connection delay. Introduced by WOL functionality. This has been resolved.


Version 1.61 – 20 July 2014

– Bugfix. Covert art, thumbnails for TV Shows and Movies does not display correctly when connecting to XBMC version 12/13.  Resolved.


Version 1.60 –  12 July 2014 

- Display and selection of Favorites
– Display and selection of Add-ons / Plugins
– Display and selection of Playlists
– Option to swap between Audio and Video Now-playing playlist
– Editing of Now Playling playlist
– Option to queue or play search selection or Album
– Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
– Added XBMC Quit option to shutdown menu
– Automatic detection of XBMC (if configured) on new install

Version 1.50 –  9 May 2014

  1.  iOS 7 only
  2. Super new user interface
  3. Added Context Menu support
  4. Optional rotary time control for iPad
  5. Optional rotary volume control for iPhone
  6. Improved display of TV shows, movies, songs and sources
  7. Added search on media library
  8. Icon indicators for no-wifi, connecting, connected, disconnected states and other host related issues.
  9. Improved display of TV series episodes
  10. Added URL scheme support for launch from another app: sybu-xbmc://remote


Version 1.30 –  22 February 2013

1) Library indicator if item has been played or watched
2) Audio library has option to filter and search by song title
3) Popup floating time marker when sliding or seeking time
4) Username and password added for connection to XBMC host
5) Library and Sources display will return to last selected item
6) Minor bug fixes

Version 1.20 –  29 January 2013

1) Frodo (v12) support added
2) Sources, files explorer added
3) Queue added to Library, Sources – Files
4) Fixed display of empty playlist when XBMC was stopped
5) Minor UI tweaks
6) App name changed from RC Eden to Sybu Remote Control for XBMC

Version 1.10 –  4 December 2012

-Display of Media Library for Movies, TV Shows and Music
-Larger navigation control for iPhone
-Improved layout of the iPhone interface

Version 1 –  13 November 2012

Initial Release


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