Biometric Security Solutions

Sybu Data has developed several enterprise security solutions.

Typically a client-server architecture is implemented on the Microsoft Windows Server platform, supporting the use biometric fingerprint readers and additional authentication tokens such as smartcards or USB tokens.  Supported biometric fingerprint readers are the  Sagem Morpho range and 3M Cogent. Additional devices can easily be added via our developed device plugin layer.


Listed below are some of our developed solutions



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Recent projects


BCEPS upgraded with AFIS

Sybu Data upgraded the Biometric Co-Enrollment Prevention System (BCEPS), developed for the South African Medical Research Council,  to utilize the latest Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) from Innovatrics. The system provides secure, high performance, low latency, identification and matching of …


SuperSign – Biometric Security Application

SuperSign, our password replacement solution, developed in conjunction with SuperVision Biometric Systems, makes passwords a thing of the past. People cannot share, lose, forget or steal them. They simply sign on with a fingerprint. At the same time, SuperSign prevents …


Biometric Password Reset Kiosk for Active Directory

Description The Active Directory Password Reset Kiosk allows users within a domain to securely reset or change their own login passwords through the use of biometric fingerprint authentication. Typically within enterprise organizations that utilizes one or more Domain Controllers (DC) …

Sybu - Event Notification System (ENS)

Event Notification System

The Event Notification System (ENS) monitors employees attendance and access and compare it with roster and shift definitions.  When time or grace periods are violated managers will be notified. Scheduled imports of shift information, employee and manager data is done …


Sybu Data developed Web based Co-Enrollment Database with fingerprint matching

The Co-Enrolment Database is a web-based system for managing participants in clinical trials. Multiple levels of access rights for users Biometric enrolment and identification of both users of the system and participants in clinical trials and research initiatives. Multiple sites …